About Mastering Mind Academy

Mastering Mind Academy is an institution that facilitates transformation of people. We earnestly believe that, transformation is possible to great extent only through transformation of minds. Transformation of human minds is the key to integrate sense of responsibility in order to create a transformed society, fortunate future and a great nation.

We believe that every human being is unique and exceptional with immense potential. Our focus is in supporting individuals to identify, nurture, build and make the best use of their knowledge, skills and abilities. We are earnestly passionate about helping people, improving themselves, integrating meaning, purpose and happiness in their life.

Mastering Mind Academy offers innovative programs and transformation workshops for students, teachers, corporate professionals and general public. We offer a momentous combination of qualification, hands-on experience, international exposure, personal values, work ethics, professionalism and scientific approach of human psychology to our programs.

We work on the basic philosopy of "Positive Psychology".


Transform individuals at both intellectual and emotional levels, by facilitating them in discovering their true potential through proven scientific tools and techniques.


To be a world class institution in fostering leadership, motivation, peak performance and nurturing happiness in individuals, organizations, communities and families.

Core Values

Result Focus

We ensure that we are long term results focused while we design and deliver our programs. Our transformation efforts are long sighted with sustainable positive change in the lives we touch.

Honesty and Fairness

We view honesty and fairness as an important facet when dealing with our participating individuals, institutions and organisations.

Responsibility and Reliability

We sincerely believe that our actions must be in harmony with the interests of our customers and society. We promise that we accept only programs that we can deliver with high impact and purposefully justify the amount of time, money, energy and resources spent with us.

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