Mastering Mind Academy provides the best training and transformation services to institutions, organisations and individuals.

Along with the major programs we offer, we also do customised training programs based on your training needs and business requirements.



Need Motivation...To get YOUR life moving?


To feel intimate and epic

A keynote speech is delivered to set the underlying tone and summarize the core message or most important revelation of the meeting, workshop, conference, seminar or any event.

Keynote Speaker is someone who condenses the key themes of an event into a speech (typically at the beginning or end of an event). It could be an opening keynote or a closing keynote.

If you let us know what the key themes and goals of your event are we will create a keynote session that is perfectly tailored for you.

We customize the Keynote speech

  • The mission or purpose of the program
  • To bring focus to the core context of the event
  • To the requirements of the organisation or institution
  • To inspire, motivate, entertain or educate your audience
  • To give your audience the very best experience
  • To have a memorable and impressive event

Keynote Speaker

Enriched with ample experience Sivakumar Palaniappan today stands to be a distinguished keynote speaker. Siva has inspired a diverse selection of audiences in various events. In addition to his work as Author, Trainer and Career Coach, Siva has become one of the dynamic and inspirational professional speakers.


Write to siva@masteringmind.com with the Subject Line as “Key Note Presentation“.


Reprieve and Revolute your business

Reprieve and Revolute your business

Mastering Mind Academy has wide range of training solutions to transform people in all possible scenarios. We help students, teachers, institutions, organisations, communities, families and individuals lead a meaningful and purposeful life.

We believe that everyone is unique and is gifted with unlimited potential by the creation which is untapped within. Our role is just to help the individual realise this truth and help them discover their true potential, by which they can reach their true purpose in life.

We offer a bouquet of programs in the areas of Life Purpose, Career Crafting, Communication, Public Speaking, Leadership, Management, Motivation, Happiness, Personnel Effectiveness, Teaching – Learning Methodologies, etc.

Dream Career

Dream Career” is our signature program that is carefully designed to help individuals understand their true potential, discover the purpose of life and craft their dream career. In this 2 days workshop we enable the participants go through a detailed self assessment, understand their natural abilities and learn the systematic ways to decide, plan, execute and achieve their life purpose and dream career.

Art of Great Teaching

Art of Great Teaching” is one another flagship product of Mastering Mind that is exclusively designed to help Good Teachers become Great Teachers. We believe, not just “what you teach?” but “how you teach” is very important for an effective teaching – learning environment. A teacher is remembered for ever not for what you teach, but who you teach, how you handle the class, how you facilitate learning, how you encourage to questions, think and learn and ultimately how you make your students feel.

Can you think of some of your teachers whom you will remember forever? Why do you remember only few and not all the teachers? Only few of them touched your life.

In this 2 day workshop on "Art of Great Teaching", we primarily focus on all the aspects through which a good teacher can become a great teacher.


Write to info@masteringmind.com with the Subject Line as “Training Programs and Workshops“.

  • Communication Skills for New Managers

    Speaking Skills for Leaders

    Presentation Skills (Basic & Advanced)

    Effective Personal Management

  • 2 Days Workshop on Communication skills for new managers (spoken, written, formal and informal).

    2 Days Workshop on Effective Public Speaking skills for Leaders of medium to large teams.

    1 Day Training Program on Presentation Skills, covering basics of presentation to advanced influential presentation.

    1 Day Workshop on Personal Management (Learn to smartly organize yourself against running time, projects, priorities and problems.

  • Learn 2 Learn

    Dream Career

    Ultimate Goals

    Embracing Engineering

    Art of Great Teaching

    Master Student

  • 1 Day Hands-On Training on various practical learning techniques and mastering some relevant ones for student's learning process.

    1 Day Workshop on thinking, deliberating, deciding and action planning your dream career. This is specially designed for graduate students and young graduates.

    1 Day Program on Goal Setting and Achieving goals using scientifically proven methods.

    1 Day Workshop for 1st and 2nd year Engineering students to build passion and embrace their process of learning in engineering education.

    2 Days intensive workshop on "How to Teach the Generation Y Students"

    1 Day Personality development, Confidence building Training for young students (higher secondary schools and colleges).

  • Happy Couples

    Money Matters

    Master Speak

    Personal Mastery

  • 2 Days Workshop on Living a Happy Married Life. (When we spend huge money on marriages, why not some quality time to learn how to have happy marital relationships?).

    1 Day workshop on personal finances (Money management and effective ways of handling, investing and saving for your future).

    2 Days Hands-On Work shop on Public Speaking skills (Let's kills stage fear, Improve self-confidence and learn one of world's most sought art that is public speaking).

    2 Days Training and Workshop on Mastering all parts of your life (personal, professional, health, financial and emotional dimensions of your life).


Don't be a square peg in a round hole

Awestruck with your job?
Bewildered about the next career move?
Struck and still not sure what to pick once you grow up?

Step into Mastering Mind, find appropriate solution for your ideal career. We experts have extensive knowledge across wide range of industries to give professional, indeed advice on the course, career and employment strategies. Our career coaching service is applicable for both adults and adolescents, the program consist of three step process.

  • Initial Phase
  • Psychometric Test
  • Feedback Session

Initial Phase

In the guidance process an interview lasts for an hour to meet the essential needs to get to know about the person. We endure each individual to undertake vocational guidance before occurring for psychometric test.

Psychometric Test

The candidate can take the on line test based on their convenient time.

Strenghts and Weakness

Examine the essential aspects based on numerical or verbal information.

Interests / Hobbies

Examining the likes and dislikes of oneself.


Examining the true color of the candidate and motivation factor to get job satisfaction.

Personality Skills

Examining the characteristical behavior based on the scaling factors which includes Analyzer-Helper, Producer-Creator, Informer-Reflector and Planner-Adapter.

Based on the psychometric test report we offer a holistic career guidance and support for the candidates. The program is formulated to highlight the strengths of the candidates and to streamline the job of their own interest.


Fostering joy with positive vibration

Sivakumar Palaniappan is a trained counsellor. He holds a Diploma in Counselling Skills (DCS) from Banjara Academy, Bangalore. He is certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) by Dr Dick McHugh.

Mastering Mind also offers face-to-face counselling for child, adolescent, family and inter-personal emotional problems with the assurance of 100% confidentiality.

  • Are you looking for a pair of listening ears…?
  • Are you looking for someone who will not judge you…?
  • Do you need just a mirror that will quietly reflect your emotions…?
  • Are you in need of emotional support…?
  • Do you need that little appreciation and motivation in life…?
  • Are you searching that lost happiness in life…?
  • We are there to support you, when you need.

Write to info@masteringmind.com with the Subject Line as “Counselling Support”.